(More Than) Fix Exposed Cable Wiring for Someone You Love With Sugru




Need help saying "I love you" to someone but don't want to go about the traditional way? (Talking is overrated, they say. I tend to agree.) What better way than to fix their broken USB cable, which has dangerous exposed wiring, and deliver that special message at the same time!

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Step 1: Pick a Sugru Color That Expresses Your Love

Refer to the color spectrum for making any color of rainbow you like from just the colors that come in the multi-pack of Sugru (white, black, yellow, red, and blue). In this case, the USB cable was for a family member so I decided to keep it classic and chose pink. I mixed roughly 20% red with 80% white to get this lovely, blushy pink color.

Step 2: Tightly Mold the Sugru Around Exposed Wirings

Once you got a color of your choice, mold the Sugru around the exposed wirings of the USB cable. As Sugru is moldable silicone, this valiant effort of yours will save your loved one from the risk of electric shock. Nothing says "I love you" quite like protecting them from getting zapped. Trust me on this one.

Step 3: Mold Little Hearts Onto USB

Now it's time for the fun part! Decorate the USB with little hearts. You can use something with a pointed tip, like a pencil, to help you mold those tricky angles that your fingers might not be able to get to. Make as many hearts as you like, but just remember than Sugru gets harder and harder to mold as time goes by. The optimal time for molding is up to 20 minutes after you open up the packets.

Step 4: Ta-da! Enjoy Your Lovely, Safe, Functional USB

Always remember to make things with love! It's also a bonus if you put hearts on it. This USB is for someone who loves hearts so I'm sure she hearted her (new?) heart USB very much.

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    7 Discussions


    4 years ago

    This is cool! And super helpful for the charger cables that are expensive or hard to replace.
    One question though, as I've never used Sugru before. What happens once you put it on the cable? Does it dry or harden or something? *shrugs, clueless*

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Sugru cures into a flexible silicone-type rubber in 24 hours. It cures with exposure to oxygen IIRC.


    4 years ago

    Sweet, this gets the job done AND it's stylish!!
    Fabulous job!!

    This is a great idea! I have a broken phone cord, much like the one you fixed, that I thought was beyond repair. You showed me that it's not so! Thanks for a great idea for a fun fix! I also looove the sugru colour chart -- it would never occur to me to mix it up to change the colours, and now I don't have to experiment (and possibly waste) with my precious sugru!