Morning Workout- Level: Easy



This is the easiest, yet most effective, workout plan for anyone.  It focuses mostly on your core, back, and hips. 
**** PLEASE remember to stretch before proceeding with ANY workout, no matter the level****


Step 1: Basic Crunch

Start off with 60 seconds of crunches.  Try to get as many crunches in without straining yourself.

Step 2: Right Oblique Crunch

Next do 60 seconds of this right oblique crunch.  Take a deep breath in between every crunch.

Step 3: Left Oblique Crunch

Repeat this step to the left side.
**** If doing the oblique crunch with your knees bent is too hard, try lifting your opposite knee half way and let your elbow go the rest of the way.****

Step 4: Bicycle Crunch

Do one 60 second round of bicycle crunches.  This will require a lot of breath!  

Step 5: Reverse Crunch

10 seconds of reverse crunch might be not enough.  If you feel like you could do more, take on 20 seconds.  This is the easiest portion of this routine.

Step 6: Long Arm Crunch

Do 2 minutes worth of long arm crunches!

Step 7: Plank

Do 3 Minutes worth of plank.  If 3 minutes is too painful or if it puts too much stress on your muscles do 2 minutes worth, or take a 10 second break in between each minute.

Step 8: Finishing Stretches!

Now you are done!  Stretch out your thighs, back, abs, and neck before resting.  This combined with healthy eating and plenty of water will get you looking fantastic in no time!  ****You will not see significant improvement for at least 3 weeks****



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