Morphing Canvas

Introduction: Morphing Canvas

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Add color on your wall!

- 1m x 1m canvas (you can make it smaller... or bigger)
- sheets of paper
- 1m30 x 1m30 cotton fabric (black to brighten the colors)
- glue

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Step 1: The Background

Staple your fabric onto the canvas (remember to staple on the back of the canvas if you don’t want to see the staples on the sides…)

Step 2: The Tiles

I printed them on Canson paper for its good resistance to glue.
I used Illustrator for the morphing and Photoshop to choose the gradient of each color.

All my forms are ready, there are 100 …

Step 3: The Sticking

The trouble with geometric forms is that it’s ugly when it’s not straight.
So I took the laser level, which has the good idea to have a horizontal line and a vertical line.

If you don’t have this tool, put a pin every 10 cm around the frame.
Use a thread to connect them 2 by 2 and you get a regular grid.

Step 4: Backstage

Some hazardous constructions to have my laser level at the correct height (it’s the little box at the top of the pile…)

My failures : I wanted to make the gradient with paint, but except the primary colors, impossible to get nice secondary colors (due to non really miscible paints).

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice!

    That's a brilliant idea to use pins and thread to make the layout grid. I'd have never thought of that. Thank you!