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Hey, it's Koumori, and today we're going to be making Morrigan's yukata from the video game Cross Edge! Each "step" will cover a different part of Morrigan's outfit: hair accessory, yukata, obi, and how to wear them. This tutorial assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of sewing, so I would mark it as a moderate difficulty, though it could be followed by a determined beginner. I should also point out the this is a costume that is based on Japanese clothing, however this is not a tutorial on how to properly construct traditional Japanese garments.

Step 1: Hair Accessory


-two (2) artificial roses

-gold-colored beads

-pink beads

-pale pink beads

-green felt

-two (2) hair clips

-embroidery floss

-super glue

- basic sewing supplies (scissors, needle, thread, etc.)


1. Begin by hand-sewing the gold beads in the center of a fake rose. Keep adding beads until the center of the rose is no longer visible.

2. Cut a donut shape out of the green felt, this is going to be the cover for the back of the flower.

3. If the felt does not lie flush against the back of the flower, cut a notch in the side of the donut shape and hand-sew it closed to give the felt more dimension.

4. Hand-sew hair clips onto the underside of the felt donut.

5. Now it's time to make the hanging decorations. Start by pulling apart the second rose to get to the petal pieces.

6. For ease of construction, fake flowers have the petals connected in groups. Take a pair of scissors and cut the groups into individual petals. You may need to trim the petals to a smaller size.

7. Thread the pink and light pink beads and petals onto embroidery floss. When the strand is length you want, sew it to the felt donut.

8. Repeat for the second dangling strand.

9. Glue the felt donut to the back of the first rose.

10. If necessary, trim any remaining bit of stem from the rose so it doesn't get caught in the wig.

11. And with that, Morrigan's hair accessory is done!

Step 2: Yukata


-Simplicity 4080 pattern

-dark blue fabric (I used cotton)

-purple fabric (I used cotton)

-matching thread

-Heat-N-Bond (or other iron-on adhesive)


-basic sewing supplies (scissors, pins, sewing machine, etc.)


1. Start by cutting out the pieces for the lining of the yukata out of the purple fabric.

2. Zig-zag aroung the edges to keep them from fraying (or use another finishing method of your choosing).

3. Cut out the pieces for the outer layer of the yukata out of the blue fabric and zig-zag around the edges as well.

4. For the applique, iron one side of the iron-on adhesive to the purple fabric.

5. Draw the bat designs onto the paper side of the iron-on adhesive.

6. Cut out the bats.

7. Peel off the paper backing to reveal the adhesive.

8. Place the bat adhesive side down onto the blue fabric (I suggest starting with the sleeves as they are smaller and easier to manage) and iron it on.

9. Set your sewing machine to a tight zig-zag stitch and sew along the outside of each bat. This process is tedious, but leads to a more polished looking and durable garment.

10. Assemble the yukata according to the instructions included in the pattern. To be completely honest, I found the sleeve instructions quite difficult to understand, so I had to keep fiddling with them until they looked correct.

11. Now we are going to make a wist tie using the leftover blue fabric.I re-used the neckband pattern and used it to cut a rectangle slightly shorter than the neckband itself.

12. Zig-zag around the edges.

13. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise and pin and sew along the raw edge, leaving a gap open in the center of the longest side.

14. Turn the rectangle right-side out through the gap.

15. Press the rectangle flat and sew the hole closed.

17. And with that, Morrigan's yukata is done!

Step 3: Obi


-Simplicity 4080 pattern

-pink fabric (I used pink cotton)

-red fabric (I used red cotton)

-yellow fabric

-Heat-N-Bond (or other iron-on adhesive)

-plastic canvas


-gold cord


-fake rose

-basic sewing supplies (scissors, pins, sewing machine, etc.)


1. Cut four rectangles out of the pink fabric using the base obi pattern included with the pattern.

2. Pin two of the rectangles together and zig-zag around the edges to finish them and to sew the pieces together at the same time. Repeat for the second set of rectangles.

3. Applique on a strip of red fabric to the front of the obi using the same method used for the bats.

4. Putting right sides together, pin and sew the pink rectangles together, leaving the shorter edges open.

5. Turn the obi right-side out and topstitch along the long sides.

6. Cut a piece of plastic canvas to the size you want, and insert it into the obi.

7. Fold the raw ends of the obi inward, then pin and sew in place.

8. Sew velcro to both ends of the obi for closure.

9. Hand-sew the gold cord onto the obi to create the base design.

10. For the tassels at the ends of the hanging cords, slip on some beads for decoration, knot the cord, then untwist the cord to create the tassel.

11. Hand-sew the rose to the center of the obi design.

12. For the sash at the top of the obi, start by cutting out a rectangle out of pale yellow fabric, and zig-zag around the edges.

13. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise and sew along the edge, leaving a gap open in the center of the long side.

14. Turn the sash right side out and sew the hole closed.

15. For the obi "knot," cut four more rectangles our of pink fabric.

16. Pin two of the rectangles together and zig-zag around the edges to finish them and to sew the pieces together at the same time. Repeat for the second set of rectangles.

17. Putting right sides together, pin and sew the two rectangles together, keeping ONE of the shorter sides open.

18. Turn the rectangle right side out and toptitch.

19. Fold the obi knot so that the raw edge is tucked inside, and sew in place.

20. And with that, the obi is done!

Step 4: How to Wear

1. Start by putting on the robe. Make sure that your left side of the robe is folded on top (only the dead wear the right side on top). Morrigan wears her robe quite a bit more open than traditionally worn.

2. Tie the blue sash around the waist. If the robe is too long, you can tug it upward and fold the excess over the top of the sash to shorten it.

3. Wrap the base obi around the waist.

4. Slide the obi "knot" onto the obi and fasten the velcro.

5. Position the knot so that the velcro is no longer visible.

6. Slide the yellow sash through the obi knot.

7. Pull the sash above the obi, twist, and tuck the ends into the top of the obi.

8. Put on your hair accessory and you are all set!

Step 5: Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you use it to make your own Morrigan cosplay, please let me know, I would love to see it!

If written tutorials aren't really your thing, I have entire playlist of videos on how to make this costume available here: If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! I can be found multiple places online:

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