Morris the Hunchback Costume

So this is my Halloween Costume I built so I can roam my front yard on halloween night. The frame of it is built from PVC and chicken wire with some foam padding where my shoulders go to keep it slightly more comfortable. The head is made from cushion foam that is then then hot glued together and filled with Great Stuff Expanding Foam that you can get at any of the big DIY stores. The nose and eyes are made from Model Magic air dry clay and the mouth is made from Sculpey clay. Once everything on the head was made I covered the whole think in flesh colored liquid latex using a paintbrush (and a respirator mask, that stuff is stinky!) The hair I put in by cutting the eye of a needle in half to make it have two prongs, then placing it in an exacto knife holder. You can then take wig hair and put it between the two prongs and push it into the foam. The rubbery latex holds it in place really well. The white fabric is just cheesecloth that has been stained with coffee and tea and then ripped up. The hands I got from Amazon and they are just sewn onto the foam that makes up the arm pieces. Here are some other videos of me wearing the costume out in public:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Love the puppet head - there's so much character in it!
    Where did you see out of when inside?

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    watch the detailed video I just added. You can see me putting the costume on to see how I can see. I'm basically looking directly over the morris head. There's a break in the cheesecloth right there and I'm looking out behind the black fabric right there.