Morris the Wonder Dog Goes Prismatic...

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Where the light of two 4" prisms fall together for a new way to light a subject.

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Step 1: Don't Look Much Fun in the Shade.

This photo shows two 4" prisms stood end on a window rail.

This time of day there is no Sun this side of the house.

However, in the late afternoon full Sun comes in from the upper left and shines through these prisms for about an hour.

Step 2: Use That Awesome Light to Photograph Hard to Capture Subjects.

Morris the Wonder Dog is an all black dog and is in need of good lighting or full sun to be showing up in a digital photo.

What was needed was another source of light to make a new kind of photo of Morris.

The prisms are adjusted to throw two prismatic spreads of light next to each other.

The table where the light falls has other objects that benefit from this type of lighting.

It's possible and to start off using just the one prism and I did too but learned that two gives you more choice about how it looks.

Fusing the two spectra together makes for a much more vivid image but spreading side by side make for a much bigger spread of color.

Step 3: Ordinary Objects in a New Light.

This is a Burl Oak Bowl with a selection of the everyday objects that live in there.

This was shot on a decent smart phone camera

Step 4: Never Work With Animals or Children...

Now all you have to do is bribe the nice doggie to sit in the right place!

The prisms are not able to move at all far from where they are well focused an lined up.

This was shot on a Sony RX1, super camera, has been superseded by RX100 etc and is now a great buy.

Hope you enjoy this little 'ble, I will be posting more from the prisms later.

Step 5:

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    The dog is so cute!