Morse Code Encoder

Intro: Morse Code Encoder

By the end of this Instructable you will be able to convert any tekst you like into morse code through both sound and light signals

You will require:

  • 1 Arduino Uno
  • 1 led
  • 1 piezzo speaker
  • 5 cables (3 bigger ones 2, smaller ones)
  • 2 resistances
  • 1 Breadboard

Step 1: Setup

From pin 8 you'll need a cable connecting to one of the resistances and then to the LED, from where it has to go back to the GND on the Arduino.

From pin 6 you'll need a cable going to the other resistance and then to the Piezzo speaker, from where it once again has to connect to the GND on the arduino (the Piezzo is big and clumsy make sure you connect everything up properly)

There is also a Fritzing file but you'll need the program to open it, it will exactly show you where what is supposed to go

Step 2: Programming

The actual code is in available in the attachment for lazy people with information about what is happening in the code written inside of the file.

We've tried to keep it as simple as possible and most of the code is the alfphabet that had to be filled in letter by letter.

Step 3: Use

To use the encoder you simply open the "Arduino IDE" program used for programming Arduino devices, then go to tools and select the "serial monitor". In the serial monitor you can send commands to your arduino but should just directly convert everything you write into morse code.



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    Arduino is a great tool for morse code. It would let you automatically encode and decode.