Morse Code I/O

Introduction: Morse Code I/O

This project serves as out final project for ECE 2220 at the University of Manitoba. The purpose of the the project is to solve a practical problem with our knowledge of the provided FPGA. The problem we attempt to solve is converting character inputs to their corresponding outputs in morse code. The characters are inputted by way of a PS/2 keyboard and the resulting morse code is displayed on a series of of seven segment displays. A beep is used to signal the program has started and is ready to recieve inputs. A future improvement would be to introduce the beeps as audible representations for the input. The members who worked to make the project are as follows: Richard Constantine, Milind Patel, Devarsh Patel and Jialei Li. Contributions are as follows: Richard Constantine - Keyboard, music, project report and display; Milind Patel - Project report and keyboard and music; Devarsh Patel - Project report, keyboard, display and music; Jialei Li - Music, keyboard and project report.

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