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Introduction: Mortal Combat Costume

So hey everyone..Its been to long for Foam-Smith..I have a new instructable that everyone will love and for the old classic retro collectors/Players out there, This is for you guys!!!

I have been busy with a lot of stuff and Larping lately and we had to make larping costumes and I couldent find anything to depict my character.. cold heartless sneaky ninja dual wielder.....Then it hit me while playing Mortal Kombat with my brother....Due Mor

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Step 1: Material/cloth

Okay you will need

1.) your solid material color that you want.. you will need 2 1/2-3 full yards of it

2.) Marker

3.) Tape measure and scissors

4.) black pants and long black shirt

5.) some kind of black ski mask

all in all a $15-20 project that looks way awsome no matter what!!!

Step 2: Add On/suggestions

now you will come across the same problem I did. Getting the bloody V guards to stay on your shoulders and not slip off.. I just created a 4 inch folded strap and sewed it on my back, kind of like a buckler and it stopped sliding and works great!!

And you might want to sew the material together were your hips are so this costume slides on like a shirt. Completely up to you..This were just added tweaks that helped me out greatly with my costume

Step 3: Making the Front/back

Next we need to get the proper length.. to do this you need to raise your arms up and reach for the ceiling. Then grab a tape measure and measure from your foot all the way to the tip of your fingers, this will give you the proper length on both sides when you wear the robe. Once you found your exact length cut the remaining material off and save it you will need it later!!

Step 4: Getting Your Width

now fold the material in half so there is a front and back side. We now need to find out your shoulder length for a perfect fit. measure one shoulder joint to the other the take the measurements and mark it on the cloth. Start at one corner..after that cut in a straight line down on the cloth and trim it again and save that piece of material for later to make your belt

Step 5: Finding the Middle for the V

Now thats all done its time to find the center of your costume. Remember keep the cloth folded still and measure from one corner to the other and find the middle of that measurment (what ever you are???)

Now take the cloth and hold it up to your chest and find were your belly button is and when you have done that measure 3 inch's up from that point and make a small mark. Then from the mark you made to find your middle draw a line straight down to that mark you mad above your belly button. Then cut the line and presto you have mad your V cut

Step 6: Adding the Final Touches

Now to make the cloth stand out and not feel like an apron I suggest some clever reshaping is in order. (this is my design) be do this find were your hips start and go down 2 inch, I then mad a mark and measured 2 inch in on the top then went down to the bottom corner of the material and measured 4 inch, then began drawing a line up to meet the other line but as I got closer I started to curve it and give it a bend and it worked great!!!

when you have the shape you like cut it out and then transfer to the other side and cut for a precise cut match

Step 7: Face Mask

you will need some kind of black hoodie mask or a ski mask of some kind, for this. now the material length for your mask to wear is going to differ in size because of your head.Traditionally it will be the dement-ion size of an adult size bandana. Basically all your doing is getting enough material to wrap around your head and tie one a not..Think of it like how those bank robbers wore to hide there face when pulling a hiest. Your basically re-creating that look and then the ski mask over top and you have this!!

Step 8: Fatality!!!

And presto your very own Mortal Kombat costume All done for $15-20

I hope you all enjoyed this new creation..Look forward to more.I am back into showing more paintball/ Nerf gun Mod creations soon

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