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Introduction: Mortal Kombat Stop Motion Animation

This is an animation i made for my class animation and set design, i chose Mortal Kombat cause its epic! and it would be fun to make a short film like the game. I used the green screen to get the actual game background. I tried to get close to the game as possible and I also made it while watching a video on youtube so i could mimic their moves.

Step 1: Prep the Figures

I put rare earth magnets in the action figure's feet. Check out my other instructable.

Step 2: Setting Up the Set

First you need to do is find a big table where you can set up a green screen and lamps for lighting up the green screen. Check this video out I watched it to help me with the set up click here.

Step 3: How to Use Rig Removal in Stop Motion Pro

When you open up stop motion pro and your done taking all your pictures and you want to make something disappear, first you go to tools to the right, then go to rig removal and chose your background plate, something blank the same background as everything else. Now go to Brush size and chose how big you want it. Take it over to your frame and hold the left mouse button and start erasing.

Step 4: Different Moves for the Figures

When I was trying to figure out how to start my video and what moves to use I went on youtube and watched a couple of videos to see how the characters really fight. Click here to see one of the videos I watched. The only problem was the figures have really big arm muscles and leg muscles so they don't bend properly. Besides that it was pretty fun.

Step 5: How to Use Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

This is a little intro into adobe premiere pro and how the use some of the tools in it. All of the effects that I used are near the bottom left of the screen in the effects folder. If u want to add a background in go to effects, then go to video effects then click on keying and drag and drop it on the video and all of the effects in premiere have to be drag and drop them on the video or pictures.

Step 6: Make a Movie

Now your done editing and trying to make your movie perfect, now its time to export your movie. Go to file, export, and click media, it will come up with a window saying: Export Settings, and once your done choosing your settings click OK at the bottom. You will also need Adobe Media Encoder,(i am not to sure it you actually need it because i am using my school computer). Now upload it on youtube.

If you any questions please leave a comment

Step 7: The Finished Product

Here is my finished stop motion Mortal Kombat video.
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