Mosaic Boston - JP Sound Setup Guide


Introduction: Mosaic Boston - JP Sound Setup Guide

This guide is intended to be used as a reference for setting up the sound equipment for Mosaic Boston JP. **Note: This is for setup without the digital snake.

Step 1: Verify Speaker Settings and Inputs

Due to moving the speakers week after week, the settings often get bumped/changed. Please be sure to check the settings as well as making sure the inputs are correct.

  1. All switches should be in the 'up' position.
  2. The volume Knob should be at half-way.
  3. Use Input 'B' (Input 'A' has been used heavily, sound quality is not as good)
  4. Input 'B' connects to Output 'B' on the Subwoofer

Step 2: Check Subwoofer Settings/Inputs

Same as the speakers, check the subwoofer settings/inputs due to being moved week after week.

  1. Use Input 'B' to connect to the Soundboard
  2. Output 'B' connects to Input 'B' on the Speaker
  3. Verify Knobs are in the right place via the picture. Should see a light if speaker is on.
  4. Don't forget the power cord! You should see the indicator light if it's on.

Step 3: Check Speaker Height

Speakers should be at 35 inches.

**Point Speakers diagonally (slightly) across the aisle. Point towards back corner of aisle (slightly towards middle)

**Subwoofers should point straight down the aisle.

Step 4: Floor Monitor and Recording Device -- Aux 1 & Aux 10

  1. The floor monitor should use a quarter inch in the 'Input'. Don't forget the power cord.
  2. Floor Monitor plugs into Aux 1 on the soundboard.
  3. Recording Device plugs into Aux 10

Step 5: Secondary Monitor (Full Band Only) - Aux 3

If needed, use the secondary monitor to reduce blaring instruments through one monitor. Ideally, you shouldn't be able to hear instruments through the monitors ~4 rows back. You don't want to blare the main speakers either.

  1. Give this monitor to the pianist/keyboard - Already mixed.
  2. ****If you use this monitor, you need to use a 'DI' Box (Shown Above)
    1. DI box connects with an XLR to the monitor, and a quarter inch to the Soundboard to Aux 3

Step 6: Connect Instruments

Use corresponding labels on the soundboard to connect the Instruments.

Step 7: Connecting the Keyboard

The keyboard should connect to the 'Mic' slot on the soundboard (shown above).

Using 'insert' will not work properly.

Step 8: Load Scene - Mosaic JP (2)

Don't forget to clear the sliders.

Make sure you bring all Subgroups up (except Subgroup 1 - FX).

  • Load Scene - Mosaic JP (2)
  • Bring Main Speaker slider to 'u' (Unity)
  • Bring Vocals to 'u' (unity)
  • Bring band up to appropriate level (vocals should still come through clearly)
  • Bring drums up just below Band

Step 9: Key Board Hookups



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