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I learned all about eggshell mosaic two days ago and couldn't resist trying it if you see this means it came out pretty good :-)

Step 1: Things You Need

1 eggshells
2. tacky glue
3. foam board ( this is what i had could use ply wood or any hard surface you want)
4. alcohol ink ( or water colors will do i think...i just made my homemade inks and it turned out okay)
5. varnish

Step 2: Cut and Fill Your Shape

Cut your shape in wood or a hard board. i had hard form board so i cut the shape out in my styrofoam cutter ( you can check the instructable here
then i applied gesso and  let it dry . then i sanded it.
next apply a nice coat of white tacky glue.
take your egg shell ( first clean it ...removing all the membranes in it...else it'll not stick well)., place it on your shape and press it with your finger.
you would now have flatted it with nice cracks....fill the whole area..fill in the missing areas with a tong  don't worry if it over laps the design. let it dry
now gently chip out the overlapping shells.

Step 3: Color It!

Drop a few drops of alcohol ink (i think water colors will do too).  you cant go wrong here...if you think you did.. just drop the desired color in alcohol ink and you are good to go...if you check out the pictures you will see how many trials and errors i have done :-)
once you feel your piece is okay...let it dry...btw...don't forget to color the back too if it's a pendant. now fix a loop for the pendant.
varnish it and you are done! well give it a few more coats and you are done! Wear it  and enjoy!



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    Reply 6 years ago on Step 2

    gesso is something you apply on canvas or board to make it easier to paint on...
    in Asian countries you could ask for wall filler and paint with that...
    Gesso/ wall filler is used on surfaces which is difficult to paint on ...such as plastic or slippery foam is also used on fabric so that the paint does not seep through.
    If you are using wood or hardboard you could even use emulsion paint or acrylic paint....not latex paint as it would be slippery and then you would be unable to paste the egg shells.
    Hope what I have written helps you...if you need more help please feel free to ask !