Mosfet Qith Arduino IRFZ44N IRLZ44N IRF530N

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In order to drive high power outputs with arduino such as high power dc motor high power led we need a mosfet to do the job so lets get started.

Step 1: Gather Your Components

Step 2: Connections

follow the connections shown in schmatics otherwise refer to the video.

TThThe logic is really simple the voltage provided by Arduino on the gate of Mosfet will decide its output current, so higher the voltage higher the current. Ko

Step 3: Compatibility

You can use any of the Mosfet's but when it comes to choose one of them try to use IRLZ44N because it is a logic level MOSFET so it will respond for low voltages too that means current will conduct even on 2.5v or 3..3v or 5v but in IRFZ44N & IRF530N they will provide enough current for the operation at such voltages and driving high current such as 8 or 10A by gate voltage 5v they heat too much so avoid them but if you want to use IRF530N or IRFZ44N then go for IRF530N

Step 4: All Done

So finally i hope you learned a little bit from this instructables and you know how to use MOSFET with arduino.Refer video to avoid any sort of confusion and demonstration of Mosfet with arduino and connections.



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    Tip 11 months ago on Step 2

    This is an N-Channel Mosfet

    When you take its gate positive with relation to the source current flows source to drain.

    With a P -Channel Mosfet (P bottom of p hangs low)

    When you take its gate negative with relation to the source current flows source to drain.