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I built this Mosquito Gun to catch Mosquitoes, and it works. It may also work on Lightning Bugs. I used an orange juice bottle, a dollar store fan, some cheesecloth, a knife and some tape. I demonstrated the suction it produces with some dry ice, but that's not something you'll need to use. Have fun and turn the tables on those suckers!

Followup Video: It works on Lightning Bugs. But there's a glitch.



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    2 years ago

    a nana would like to know where collapse fan can be purchased? wonderful idea for grandchildren summer "real" toy

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    Reply 2 years ago

    I picked them up at the dollar store for a dollar each. Batteries not included. The fans are seasonal items so look for them soon. Enjoy the project with your grandkids, nana!


    Neat idea, but your casual observations, running commentary during your video gives them a humorous touch, though I imagine unintentionally.

    With a little effort they could become actual comedy skits (that's a compliment, not an insult).

    Oh if you can accept the loss of some of the joy due to killing those things immediately, there is an even better way to lay waste to the mosquito empire while doing almost nothing.

    All it takes is doing we are told never to do during breeding season, but do so with a studied purpose. So that you never forget where it is.

    If you leave out water with a little dirt in it to encourage them to lay their eggs, mosquitoes will almost immediately oblige.

    I wait until the water is just swarming with them or if only a few I see pupae forming, and I pour the water out on the ground, often killing what looks like up to a thousand or so (or if you have an aquarium with guppies, you can feed them with it. When it comes to eating mosquito larvae, guppies put their lazy mosquito fish cousins to shame).

    Over a summer you can kill tens of thousands over a summer without having to make any sort contraption, using any energy directly electrically.

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    Thanks for your thoughtful and articulate comments, Johnny M! You must have some heavy duty follow through mindset to remember to dump the Mosquito larvae before they become a swarm of bloodthirsty hecklers. I've inadvertently bred Mosquitoes by leaving a dirty wheelbarrow upright until the rain half-filled it. Same results you got, and I caught it in time to dump a whole bunch of pupae. Satisfying. Its the little things...


    3 years ago

    Well I mean, it sounds neat. but a potato quality pic and a short description is all we got to go by to build it.

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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Oops! I thought you had a full five minute video showing how to make it. Here's the link: