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Introduction: Mossy Lamp Frame

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An empty lamp frame can't be much fun, or can it? This one is made by my girlfriend. To see more of her Creations, check out "Kreativitet och andlighet" at Facebook.
If you live near a forest you need to collect some green moss before the snow comes.
This moss can be used for decoration for all sorts of things and it will make it more interesting. It also suits great as a Christmas decoration.

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Step 1: Attach the Moss

All you need is something to put the moss on. In this case the frame of an old lamp.
Take a roll of metal wire and attach it around your yet boring and empty frame. Try to find a wire with matching colour to the moss so it won't be visible.
Grab a handful of moss hold it against the frame and start winding it tightly to make sure it doesn't move.

Step 2: The Final Decoration

When you've attached moss to all visible parts of the frame you need to fasten the wire by threading it under itself and make a knot.

Decorate with a silk ribbon or anything else that you think will suit.

Step 3: More Examples of Moss Decorations

As I mentioned earlier, you can attach the moss to almost anything. Now it's up to your imagination. I'm looking forward to some photos of your own creation!
Good luck :)

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