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For the data visualization and scientific method contests I decided to find out what some of the most popular car brands out there are. I live in SoCal so that might affect the cars but if you live here then you can benefit from this, others might also benefit but the stats might be different.
I recorded 73 cars brands around my neighborhood to see what is more popular. Then I wrote down my data on a spreadsheet and made a graph to show my results. I hope you like it. The brands I used were ford, Chevy, toyota, honda, nissan, kia, mitsubishi, jeep, lexus, mercedes, gmc, VW, buick, subaru, dodge, cadillac, and range rover. (I left out some of the insanely expensive brands because you don't see them to often and they aren't as common or I didn't see them)

My question was:

What car manufacturer is the most popular car manufacturer?

My guess is that Chevy will come out on top of all of the cars

Step 1: The Results

So, in the end these were my results. If A brand that was mentioned earlier is not in there, then it is in the "other" section, in which there are seven brands, each of them only got one car.

In the end my hypothesis was wrong. I thought that chevy would come out on top but toyota won by a landslide.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Well done, but a bit of time involved here I think.

    Take the same list and conduct the survey in various neighborhoods to obtain a general income or other economic comparison. Curious as to how close this would come to actual.

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