Most Simple Ipod Touch/Iphone Stand EVER!





Introduction: Most Simple Ipod Touch/Iphone Stand EVER!

Have You ever wanted to watch a movie on your ipod touch/iphone, but were too lazy to hold it in your hands the entire time? Well heres a way to make an ipod touch/iphone stand while only spending about 10 cents!

Step 1: Materials You'll Need

You will need:

two 2x6 legos (i used flat ones for a smaller stand)

two 2x4 legos

one 1x4 lego

Ipod Touch/Iphone

Step 2: The Base

Take the two 2x6 legos and put them together as shown

Step 3: The Front

put the 1x4 lego on the front

Step 4: The Back

put the two 2x4 legos together and put them on the back studs (dot thingies) of the base

Step 5: You're Done!

Now it's time to sit back, relax, and let the legos do the holding for you!

(to use the dock in the upright position, move the 2x4s one stud closer to the front)



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    Hi, I made an upgraded version of it that is a bit smaller so that you can plug the earphones in. Sorry for the bad pics, I took them with my phone.


    Awesome! I used this on my DroidX at my office. The DroidX is top heavy so I just moved the back Legos forward one row.

    Nice, simple, and effective!

     I'm watching my second favorite movie: "My Neighbor Totoro."

    OMG Thanks sosososososososossosoososososososososososososososososos much for this Thanks a billion i am subscibing right this instant