MotaBoi's Knex Cheytac M-200 "Intervention"





Introduction: MotaBoi's Knex Cheytac M-200 "Intervention"


Wanna know the reason it's rated so low?  Haters.....

Actual size
Removable mag
Very sturdy
Mag release identical to the real gun
Amazing scope
Strong bipod
Shoots 40+ feet

High piece count
Some broken pieces


The reason why it didn't shoot very strong in the video was because I only used one band...

Step 1: Before You Start...

Piece count:


Grey one-slot – 43

Grey two-slot – 3

Orange – 78

Red – 59

Green – 12

Yellow – 160

Blue / White - 40

White (necessary for scope only) - 18



Green – 269

White – 128

Blue – 37

Yellow – 10 (+ammo)

Grey – 4

Bendy grey - 6



Y clip – 11

Blue / tan clip – 5

Gear – 1

Blue spacer – 6

Grey spacer – 4

Thin tire - 2

Thick tire – 3

Ball-socket - 1

How to cut pieces:

Dj Radio
- "Wire cutters cut through em like butter."

Abused Waffles
- "get a white rod, a knife (<-- careful with that), three connectors of any kind.

Step 1) put all the connectors onto the rod in the same position.

Step 2) Get knife, and push against the cons wiht it and start cutting, and turn it  once a while as you cut

Step 3) for the other side, push the cut part on the floor, and push on the other side down, start cutting than you may list and start cutting the rest of the rod.

Your done"

Seleziona - "Better way is to take a hammer and a flat end screwdriver, and put the flat end screwdriver on the rod and hit it hard with a hammer. Instant cut white rod."

barrax - "i used scissors lol :)"

Step 2: The Barrel

Step 3: The Bipod

Step 4: The Forward Handle

Step 5: The Handle

Step 6: The Reciever

Step 7: The Scope

Step 8: The Magazine

Step 9: The Stock

Step 10: The Ram+Guide

Step 11: Putting It All Together


Step 12: Shooting

Step 13: DONE! YAY!

Post pics of YOURS right here :)



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    326 Discussions

    looks like the real one :P

    Can you make the piece count exact? So I don't have to find out that there aren't enough pieces and have to dump them out again just to find the rest. I hate it when people don't make exact piece counts. Please make the piece count exact. Thanks :)

    I made this and whenever i load more than one shot in the mag it jams.what should i do?

    Is it just me or is the body/stock connection VERY floppy? Still nice looking.

    Not very clear here. But I think I managed to get it right.

    Well, it looks like the Firing pin area would explode like that guys head if not made right, you should use the reinforced black rods instead

    I was gonna build this...
    Then I looked at the parts list.
    Well done MetaBoi, you raised my hopes and crushed them.

    Hi again =D
    I am really close to posting the ible for my L96A1, and thus comes a question for you: I used your bipod in the ible, because I used it for one of the different versions. and I made a step in my ible how to make it. is it okay if I do so? or should I remove it? your caal. ofcourse you will get 100% credit :P

    you have a video of your intervention! we love you but you have to put down the booz! boohooohoo LOL

    2 replies

    fully understandable. im the tyoe that cant pass up an opportunity like that to comment

    whats the minimum amount of orange conectors ( like if i were to only use them for things that were absolutely nessary)