Motaboi's M4 Modifications

Introduction: Motaboi's M4 Modifications

About: Hey guys, my name is Alex, I come from America in the state of Ohio. I like to build things out of Knex and I do Airsoft, perfect combination. I am also know as Krieger to most people, it is like my callsign...

This is a modified version of Motaboi's M4/M4A1. It features a grip, grenade launcher and leaf sight, holographic sight, flip up rear sight, laser/flashlight, sturdier mag, charging handle, different mag well, more piece conserving rail, and a different stock (A2 fixed stock instead). And again, just to reiterate, this is Motaboi's M4 with a few mods because it is a really good gun to mod (like the real one).



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    And again, I didn't make this. It is Motaboi's M4. I only modded it a little.