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Introduction: Mother Bead

This is a bead I designed for people who have a Mother with a 'Pandora' style bracelet.. I wanted to design something that someone who likes to make things could make for their Mother, that would look good on the bracelet , but could also be individual.
I would be very happy if anyone would like to improve on this.

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Step 1:

I went out and bought the material, some needles and embroidery thread. If I were making this for my Mother it would be blue, but she doesn't have a Pandora bracelet so I've chosen pinks.

Step 2: First Stitches

Here is the stitching.

Step 3: Sizing

Here I have cut the material to the size of the bead.

Step 4: Bead

Joining the ends to make a 'bead'.

Step 5: Last Stitching

The background has been filled in and the thread cut.

Step 6: Wet Bead

Because I am so slow and inept at embroidery the bead became dirty andI had to wash it after I had finished. I had stitched at home and took it when I visited my Mum interstate - it came in useful when I was stuck on the Campbelltown train and had to ignore the women swearing at HER Mum on the phone.

Step 7:

I borrowed my neighbour Yvonne's bracelet to take the photo of the finished bead.

Step 8: Glue

I used five minute 2 part epoxy with toothpicks to make the inside and sides of the bead solid.
By putting the glue on the toothpick I put the glue on the inside and one end of the bead, the next day I put the glue on the other end. Hopefully the glue will protect the ends and insides against rubbing.

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