Mother's Day Flower

Introduction: Mother's Day Flower

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Mother's day is today.... Yeah, I'm a bit late with my gift, but I couldn't finish it last night because it started to rain v_v

Anyway, here's my creation: The Mother's Day Flower

Spare Nuts & Bolts & nails & metals
Welding Helmet
Work Gloves

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Step 1: Start the Heart

Get two smallish bolts and put them at an angle, then weld together. This will be the top of the heart.

Next, plan out half the heart with larger bolts, then weld them together.

Flip the half-heart over and weld the underside, this will prevent the whole thing from breaking.

Step 2: Start the Other Half

Okay, so now how are you going to make the other half exactly like the first?

First, line up two of the larger bolts next to the already welded heart, so that their "curve" matches that of their predecessors. Weld.

Continue this process for the rest of the bolts. Frequently place the original half over the new one you're making, to make sure you're on the right track. If you make a mistake, you should be able to break it off, because you haven't welded the underside yet.

when you're done, weld the underside of the new half.

Step 3: Put the Two Halves Together

Get some kind of straight wire or line or something.

Place the line down what will be the line of symmetry.

Try to place the new half of the heart in a way that will make the heart symmetrical.


If there is any space leftover (there was for me) Just fill it in with more nuts/bolts.


Step 4: Add the Stem

Get a large bolt and weld it to the "fold" in the heart.

Hold it with the negative clamp and taper it a bit so that it leans toward the bottom of the heart (see pic).

Weld the underside.

Continue to add bolts on to the stem. You can make any curve you'd like. I made it curve back, then forward.

(sorry for the dark pictures, it was getting late)

Step 5: Start the Petals

I was running out of bolts, so I reverted to nails. Big mistake. If you have bolts, use them. Nails are very hard to work with.

Make your petals however you'd like. I welded 4 of them to a nut (see picture).

I'm going to end up clipping the ends that stick out off later.


I scrapped that petal idea, it was lame!

Went over my cousin's house and he had some really nice scrap metal.
Put together some scrap stuff and just make it look nice. This is supposed to be "open-source" type art, so just have fun with it!

Step 6: Attach Flower to Stem

Weld a nut and washer, or just some large piece of metal to the stem.

Turn the whole ordeal over and center the flower over the new large piece of metal that's on the stem, and weld them together.

Step 7: Give to Wanting Mother

You're finished!

You can add leaves if you want, I was just a bit lazy...

Hide the flower and camera behind your back, then whip out the flower for your mom.

When she make a funny face while holding the flower up to her face, whip out the camera and get a nice shot of her.

Make sure you post the picture on Instructables!!

P.s. Happy mother's day!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Very sweet present. Your mom looks very satisfied with it. : ) Nice instructable.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Gratsi! By the way, are you in any way related to the BIG Lebowski? hehe


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    not related exactly, but my original name was going to be the dude, but lebowski worked out better. it's my dog's name, if you hadn't guessed.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    I like lebowski better - lebowski, hehe

    And yes, I realized that it was your dog's name =)