Motherboard PCB Bracelet




This bracelet is for the geeks of the leet'est and also for looking funky.

you have some of the jewelry
and the bag/backpack
not forgetting the wallet,
and now the bracelet!

Tools needed:

~Drill -Drill bits
~Hacksaw -or similar
~File -I used a hand saw file
~Pliers -cutting and small long-nosed
~Dust mask!


~1 Computer motherboard
~Wire -telephone wire and thick copper wire (size of the earth wire for house wiring)

You must forgive me for not having a proper picture of the motherboard, I had already hacked it up while waiting for my batteries to charge.

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Step 1: Measure Your Wrist

You will need to measure your wrist (or the wrist of the person who it's for) so you can know how many PCB pieces to cut.

I am using a metal tape measure, but a sewers tape measure would be easier to use.

Step 2: Cut Up Mo-bo.

It is easier to cut up all the pieces you need and refining them then do all the easier things later.

You will need a dust mask when cutting up and filing the motherboard pieces, although it most likely won't kill you breathing in the PCB dust it will not do any good and could possibly destroy your lungs. I didn't wear a dust mask but my excuse is that there wasn't any available, it doesn't smell nice and can get quite nauseating.

The easiest way for cutting the mo-bo. is to cut strips of the width that you want for your bracelet, so cutting strips down the mo-bo. of your choicest electrical components, and then cut the strip up into segments. On after thoughts I would make the segments a little longer so you don't need as many for the circumference around the wrist.

Also salvage the bigger chips because they can become segments and will add geek points to it.

After you have cut the pieces washing them in water will remove most of the dust off them, don't worry, water won't affect them.

Step 3: File Pieces.

File the pieces so that the edges are smooth, and also to even up the saw cuts if you didn't cut it too straight. A sharp file will cut the PCB very fast so just be careful you don't file away too much.

Step 4: Drill Holes^4

Now all the PCB pieces need to be connected together, if you know of a better way of doing this please say in the comments, which will be done by drilling four holes in each piece, I used a 3.5mm. drill bit I think, but it was big enough to thread a single strand of telephon wire through, Please take care while drilling, I snapped a drill bit twice (shhh).

Try and drill the holes as close to the edge as possible without going o far so that when in use the chip is in danger of coming off, also try and line up the holes so the holes of different chips are in a straight line.

Step 5: String Them Up

Now after the holes have been drilled I recommend you wash the pieces again to remove any dust substance.

I was thinking of using elastic to hold the bracelet together but there wasn't any available so I used some telephone wire (a single strand) which nicely comes in a variety of different colours!

If you are using elastic you don't need to follow the next step, just tie the elastic so there are no ends.

Step 6: Create a Hook.

If you are using wire to connect all the pieces then the bracelet needs to be joined somehow, I did think of magnets but it didn't quite work, so I used some thicker wire to use as a hook for joining the ends of the bracelet.

Please follow the pictures which are in order as it's a little tricky describing the bending of the copper wire. :\

Step 7: Ideas, Tip & Tricks.

If you have any ideas about this instructable please comment with the idea.

Also if you did things in a slightly different and better way, say it!

...and enjoy your new |337 bracelet.

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    144 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 2

    you mention washing them after cutting. if you cut them while submerged in water, the dust particles wont go floating around, and will stay in the water.

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Great idea! However, the fiberglass that the motherboard is made of will still be itchy. :/

    That is really cool. If I had the supplies, I would make it in a heartbeat. ;)


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 7

    Anything like a PC Mobo will be RoHS anyway. TBQH Risk of lead from solder is very minimal, unless you eat the stuff.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! I have an idea someone could try using this. Maybe a PCB watch? You could even use an old school digital display, what do you think?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    nice, it would go well with my necklace!

    it was either burnt out or he bought a better board. He wouldn't be able to sell it anyway, there are few people who want to buy second-hand motherboards and even fewer who would know how to replace one


    8 years ago on Step 5

    This should allay your Pb poisioning fears: I made a bracelet like this; I sprayed the underside of the segments w/clear varnish/lacquer (buy a can at the local hdwe store or Lowe's). Afterwards I attacged a thin layer of white felt (it came pre-glued but) I added a few drops of stupor glue to the pieces. I think I'll spray the top sides as well when I make another. I do like the molex power cord concept; although I might alternate the wires for a different effect.
    Great idea for repurposing; kudos.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I do not understand why people are flipping out. Burnt out computer parts are trash and you could get a laptop or tower with better specs than what's shown here for 20 bucks off of craigslist lol. Besides, it isn't like he is forcing you to use a motherboard or telling you to make this with reckless abandon or to make it at all. You can craft it with parts void of lead or just not make the damn bracelet. There are major online retailers that sell almost identical bracelets, and if theirs had lead problems I am sure they would have a little bit of a legal issue.

    Cool instructable, overall. Just use some common sense and don't go cutting up the family computer, kids. Criminy!

    3 replies

    I think if I were to do this, I would encase them in varnish or resin or whatever may float your boat. Thus eliminating the painful pricks from solder points or contamination from the many carcinogens present in computer components. Oh, and it also makes it look nicer and more uniform...I happen to be a bit less concerned with the latter.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Whoa, what major online retailers sell these? I've been looking forever, and you make them sound like they're extremely commonplace. Please link!