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Introduction: Mother's Day Popout Card

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If you are looking for the perfect Mother's Day card, that you know she
won't forget, this is it. This is a card designed to open up and appear as though the flower is blooming when you open it. It is simple to make, and something that she won't forget. I hope you all enjoy.

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Step 1: Supplie and Folding the Paper and Getting Our Squares


  • Sharpie/Marker color of you choice
  • Scisors
  • Pencil/Pen (i suggest a pencil)
  • Glue stick
  • Paper (letter)
  • Paper (cardstock/thick paper)

First, Take a normal Letter sized piece of paper and fold one corner
down matching the edge against the other edge. Flip the paper over and fold the remaining bottom piece up so that you have a triangle with the bottom folded up. Unfold the triangle. Keeping the bottom folded up, run your fingernail or a hard object along the crease where you folded the paper at. Flip the paper over and do the same to the other side. When you are done, unfold the flap and fold it the other way. Do the same on that side. Unfold the paper and make sure that there is a thick line running along the paper and then tear along the line slowly. If you did it right, it should tear easily and neatly. If you do not want to do this part, then you can take a pair of scissors and cut out a square. Next, once you have your large square, fold it in half, and then run your fingernail along it as you did before. Repeat on this piece. Before tearing the paper in half, Fold it in half again the other way. Do the same as you were doing before. Once you are done, you should have the outline of 4 pieces of paper, as shown in picture above (or under). Tear the piece out and when you tear, tear completely in half and then in half again. You should end up with 4 smaller pieces of paper. If you do not want to do this method, simply cut out the four smaller pieces of paper using scissors. You will need to do this to another piece of paper. You should end up with 8 small pieces of paper in total. We will only use 7 of these pieces.

Step 2: Folding the Square Into the Flower Petals

Fold one of your small squares in half diagonal forming a triangle. Fold in half diagonally again making another small triangle. Fold in half diagonally one more time making another small triangle. Do this on all 7 pieces of paper. Once you have all seven pieces of paper folded into the small triangles, Draw a half heart on one of the triangles with the side connecting it all facing down as in the picture.

Step 3: Cutting, Coloring, and Gluing the Flowers

Cut out your half heart on the triangle. Use the half heart to trace on the other 6 pieces of paper. Do this on all 7 pieces of paper. Once you are done, unfold all of them. Cut out one half heart of every flower as shown in picture. Do this on all 7 flowers. Take a sharpie/marker of your choice and go over the outline of the flower. Do this on one side of all 7 flowers. Once you are done, flip all of them over and add a little bit of glue to a half petal and overlap it with the petal on the right side if you are looking at the picture. The flower should cup and become like a small flower bowl. Do this on all 7 flowers.

Step 4: Assembling the Popout Flower

Fold all 7 flower in half. Take all seven flower pieces and assemble them as I did on the second picture. Add a little bit of glue to the tips of the first flower petal on either side. I have written glue on the sides you need to glue. **Take two flower petals and attach the first petals to either side of the first flower. Press down and wait for about 15 seconds for glue to dry and stick. Next add glue to the tip of the flower petal in the middle and the two on the side of it. Put a flower on top of the 3 flowers, pressing tips onto petals. Hold until glue is dry and sticky.** Repeat the steps from ** to **.

*Remember to only use glue on the tips of the petals. If you glue the whole petal it won't open when you go to open the card!!!

Step 5: Putting the Flower on the Card

Take a piece of thick colored paper, and write your letter/whatever you want to write, and then make sure it is folded in half. Take your flower and making the V in the flower face the middle of the card, adjust your flower until it is how you like it. Add glue to the tip of the flower petal and then lay it face down on the card and hold. Add glue to the middle petal on the tip on the other side. Close the card and hold it for 30 seconds to make sure that the glue dries. When you are ready, open your card and you should have a beautiful Mother's Day Flower Pop-Out Card.

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