Mothers Day Quick and Easy Cool Craft

Introduction: Mothers Day Quick and Easy Cool Craft

Mothers day Craft
Quick and easy

You will need
1 Assorted duct tape colours I choose pink and red about 25-35 cm of each colour
2 Cheap plastic planter pots £1.00 for 10 from wilkinsons
3 A piece of wood or tree bark I used as a base about 4" or 15 cm across
4 A piece of garden cane
5 Some cardboard
6 small foam block or piece of polystyrene
7 I got some fake grass from poundshop
8 access to a PC and printer (you could colour your own sign)
9 Foam shapes i had spare

Step 1:

Step 1

Get your plastic plant pot, cut your foam to size and fix the plant pot to your piece of wood or base, you could just use card if you wish or a piece of planed timber up to you.

I fixed this down with a hot glue gun, you would get the same result with a screw through the pot into the timber, or superglue ar a good PVA if you put enough on and let it dry  

Step 2:

The back board sign
I then created my poster for the back board on the PC i used a few shapes in word to creat the look of a basket and wordart to create the word Mum and added in some clipart flowers, i then laminated the paper and stuck some card on the back to give it some strength and glued it to the base of the timber and the back of the plant pot and secured it with a piece of lolly stick.

other options
you could equally get a piece of card and decorate it really nice yourself with crayons, felt tips or paint, i am sure some of you are much more creative than i have been with mine making it much more personal and you could use tape to fix it to the plant pot and down the back of the board to the side of the wood or base you have selected

Step 3:

I then used this fake grass i got from the pound shop tio cover the foam , you could use many other things like a piece of card or colour the polystyrene with a green felt tip or paint, another way might be to use some green plastic straws and cut them down and sticke them in to look like grass.

I then decorated the pot with some foam shapes to give it a lift, you could cut out card to spell your mums name or a flower shape and colour it in and stick it down with double sided tape or normal tape up to you!

the base is taking shape nicely now!

Step 4:

Mothers day sign

I used microsoft to create my banner as i am not as creative as some of you, a picec of card saying something similar would do, i stuck a plant pot stick to the back with tape and fixed it into the pot at an angle to creat a nice effect and depth

Step 5:

The flowers
I cut my garden cane to a size i wanted you could use straws, lolly sticks, even wooden stirrers from Mcdonalds or Costa they work just as well, the straws and stirrers could be free when you next  need a coffee or some eats!

To create the flowers (there are lots of separate instuctions for this on youtube and on this cool website)

these are my steps, they are not the best but work for me:

cut about 8-10 strips of tape, fold over 2 corners to create tringle shaeps leaving some exposed tape at the bottom, they do not have to all be perfect different sizes and shapes in my opinion look better and make the flower more natural

also cover the end of the cane with a small piece of tape to create the flower bud

If you want to and i normally do this when the flower is together you can cut off the point of the triangle and make it a nice curve, looks a little more natural IMO

Step 6:

The flower continued:

start to stick and wrap the petals around the stick, to create the look of a flower, there are no right or wrong ways to do this, in fact imperfections all add to the way you decide you want to create the look of your flower

I guarantee if you take your time you will get better results!

continue to wrap and stick the petals onto the stick until you are happy, add more if needed up to you

finally if you have it wrap some green tape around the bottom to enhance the look, you could also greate some leaves to stick on the cane/branch

repaet these steps with a second or third flower if you wish

Now arrange them and stick them in your pot

Step 7:


Stand back and admire your work! well done!

I told ya it was easy and straightforward

Thanks for looking and happy future exploring!

If you like this please send me some feedback.............your comments and thoughts are welcome


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    6 years ago

    instead of making the flowers on straws, you could use pens which might make them more useful as a gift (not that theyre useless in that state)