Mother's Day Ring Box

Introduction: Mother's Day Ring Box

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This wooden ring box is an easy project to make and you can keep for yourself or give as a gift. It's a great gift idea for a birthday or as a Mother's Day gift.

I saw a similar instructable, but they didn't offer any instructions on how to make so I made my own easy variation.

Step 1: Drill the Holes

The blocks are cut 69 x 69mm square on a mitre saw.

To make the holes in the blocks it is better to use a MAD bit. I bought a complete set of MAD bits and used a 35mm bit to drill out the holes. A MAD bit has a smaller tip than a spade bit and I find them much easier and safer to use that spade bits.

Securely clamp each block to your workbench before drilling out the holes. I used my Bosch Compact corded drill as the shaft of the MAD bit won't fit into a cordless drill / driver.

I drilled the holes off-centre to allow for easy access to the ring holders when you open and close, as well as for the support shaft. Leave a complete block for the top.

Step 2: Assemble the Tower

Drill a hole through the blocks that is the same diameter at a thin dowel that will serve as the shaft that holds the blocks together. I used a 6mm dowel and 6mm wood bit. You won't be able to drill all the way through the blocks, but drill as far as you can, remove a couple of blocks and continue. Only drill three-quarters of the way through the bottom block.

Thread the blocks onto the shaft, wiggling them around and around until it becomes easier to push down. Add some wood glue to the last block to secure the shaft.

Trim the top of the shaft and then use a large nail to split the dowel to hold the top in place. Sand away any excess until the shaft is smooth with the top block.

Step 3: Finishing

Use 80-grit sanding pads to remove any uneven edges. You want the blocks to line up on all sides. Sand again with 120-grit and then smooth with 240-grit.

Draw your wording on the top box and then use a Dremel VersaTip soldering iron to burn the wood.

Sand the top again with 240-grit and apply a coat of antique wax over all surfaces; leave for 10 minutes and then buff to a satin sheen with a soft cloth.

As an optional touch you can add circular felt pads to the bottom of each ring container.

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