Mother's Day Special : Carrot Gift Box

Introduction: Mother's Day Special : Carrot Gift Box

Carrot Gift Box

Mother's day is coming, so what are you gifting your mom?
If you don't have any idea, we have a special gift box for you that's nice and good looking that can become your last moment gift but then also impress everyone.
This is a small carrot shaped gift box filled with juicy and dark chocolates that melt even stone hearts.
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For making this project you need -
A orange A4 size sheet
A green A4 size sheet
A papercutter
A pair of scissors
A punching machine
A pencil
A ruler
And some thread or ribbon

After gathering out all this stuff just follow the instructions in the video and make a special carrot shaped gift box that is innovative yet simple.
More awesome projects coming soon.
Stay tuned.
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