Mother's Day Card (fast and Easy)




Introduction: Mother's Day Card (fast and Easy)

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with Mother's Day approaching,what better way to make her a nice and simple card with things around the house!

Step 1: Materials

This are simple and easy materials
•1 sheet 8.5X11 inches cardstock (color preference up to you).

•orange, pink anf yellow 0.5 X2 inches.

•regular white school glue

•contact adhesive (fast bond the pipe cleaner)

•Foil confetti

•Glitter (your choice)

•chenille pipe cleaners (green)


•cd or a nice circle for the layout.

Step 2: Fold and Make Your Lay Out!!

Fold your sheet half way and make a simple circle, the position needs to be not to high or low. you will be adding the stem so make sure there's space for that on the bottom.

Step 3: Start the Proces

you can use any color you wish making sure you make extra strips in case one rips.
start by cutting the strip of cardstock on the middle not all the way down.
Then with the scissors fringe the strips you will make the paper curve with the dull side of the scissors (please if your a kid ask for adult to help do this) .
start gluing around the circle and it should take you 6 strips to go around and will leave a haxagon shape.

Step 4: Continue to the Next Layer

Do the same steps as before but now by offsetting the next color and placing it on the empty spot. it should start looking nice and taking shape.

Step 5: Almost There!

for this last step i used the half inch strips and cut all the way though the middle making thinner strips (1/8 of an inch)and then giving those the same effect as the half inch one's.
Now you should see the cool flower effect!

Step 6: Glitter Time!

Now that you flower is done get your glue and fill the middle with a layer of glue. Throw in some foil confetti and then more glue and finally sprinkle the glitter. Wait for the glue to dry and then gently shake the loose confetti and glitter on to the trash (to prevent a super sparkly party on the floor)

Step 7: At Last But Not Least!

for the final addition use the green chenille pipe cleaner shape some leaves and stem and use the cement adhesive this will dry quicker than regular glue.
Then with a simple quote, message or passage in the inside it will be a super sweet card for your mom.
Happy Mothers Day!!
and thank you for your time, hope this instructable was useful.

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