Mothman Pancake

Introduction: Mothman Pancake

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Step 1: What Is the Mothman ?

The Mothman live at Point pleasant in the tnt area. It measure 2 meters, it has large bright red eyes as reflector and it has long wings.
His cries is like a mechanical mouse.

Point Pleasant held its first Annual Mothman Festival in 2002 and a 12-foot-tall metallic statue of the creature, created by artist and sculptor Bob Roach, was unveiled in 2003. The Mothman Museum and Research Center opened in 2005 and is run by Jeff Wamsle. The Festival is a weekend-long event held on the 3rd weekend of every September. There are a variety of events that go on during the festival such as guest speakers, vendor exhibits, a mothman pancake eating contest, and hayride tours focusing on the notable areas of Point Pleasant.

Step 2: What You Want

-suspension strap
-mothman drawing plan

Step 3: Trace the Drawing With the Metal

Step 4: Cut the Extra

Leave 2 holes free

Step 5: Cut the Wire (approximative 5 Cm)

Step 6: Pass It in the 2 Holes and Tie It

Step 7: With Pliers Flatten the Wire

Step 8: Wash the Pastry Cutter

Step 9: Ingredients

-1 1/2 cup flour
-1 1/2 milk
-1/2 tbsp vanilla
-1tbsp baking powder
-1 egg
-1 tbsp sugar

Step 10: Mix All the Ingredients in a Large Bowl

Step 11: Make the Pancake

Add some butter and pancake mixing .

Step 12:

Put the pancake in a plate, put the pastry cutter on the top, push it and cut around.

Step 13: Cut Strawberries for the Eyes.

Step 14: Enjoy!

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