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About: I am an American teaching English at Shangluo University, Shaanxi. I like making machines that do interesting but fairly useless things - I call them Quixotic Machines.
I wanted a wind chime that would work indoors and triggered by movement. So I wired a PIR (infrared motion sensor) to a 2n7000 MOSFET transistor and to a fan composed of a 5 volt motor I salvaged from an old dvd drive and an RC propeller.

Here is video of it in operation:

Photo 1: shows whole wind chime mechanism. Chime holder is a cigar box with curtain rod holder holding a section of broom with acrylic ruler clamped to the broom handle with a paper c clamp.

Photo 2:  motor held in some packing foam with attached propeller from an RC airplane. Probably a simpler fan would be to use one of those baseball hat solar powered fans. What is important is to use a motor that has low current draw - around 50 milliamp. If you use a 300 milliamp motor the transistor will not be able to start the motor and the batteries will not last long.

Photo 3: shows transistor wired to PIR, negative battery and one of the motor terminals. Transistor Drain, Gate and Source are indicated in the wiring schematic. You might be able to use a simple NPN 2n2222 transistor if the motor doesn't draw much current. Didn't use circuit board as only had two components. I plugged the PIR into the wiring harness I also salvaged from the DVD drive. Lots of good parts in those drives.

Photo 4: shows PIR motion sensor which uses 5 to 15 volts.

Photo 5: shows wiring schematic. Note: should probably use a diode wired across the motor terminals to protect transistor but it seems to be fine when using low current motor without it.

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