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I built this simple lamp for my old mom. It is intended to be placed under the bed and to light up when getting up, a simple way to get light immediately reducing the risks of falling while moving in the dark.

Nothing fancy, I just found a led lamp and a motion detector both in spot format for a look alike appearance.

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Step 1: Conception

I used to design the box itself. I made a mistake and chose a a box with a flexible hinge, the rounded box woud be better.

The spot was chosen to be unpowerfull to avoid to dazzle during the night. I bought this spot :

For the motion detector, it was harder to find. I bought it there :

The only difficulty was to build a closing door at the back. It's not perfect. A pair of cable ties should be enough and way simpler.

Step 2: Wiring the Lamp

The transformer of the lamp is tied to the door. The motion detector has to be set before the is mounted since the screws can't be reached after the lamp is build up.

I used some special connectors to connect the wires from the lamp, the motion detector and the 220v pug. It's much more easier and safer than putting several wire in the same domino.

Step 3: Assembling the Body

Some parts are needing glue, especially the closing tab. I used a drill to make a hole for the cable and to strap the transformer, since I didn't knew the wire dimensions while designing the model. It could be nicer to cut it directly with the model.

Step 4: Svg Model

It's intended for 3mm thick material (birch plywood on the pictures).

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    4 Discussions


    6 months ago

    A hotel I stayed in once had lighting built into the bedframe, but it was a little wonky - you never knew if it would come on or not! This seems like a much nicer solution. :)


    6 months ago

    I am sure your Mom finds this very handy, and she likely smiles and thinks of you every time that she uses it too! Thank you for sharing your creation.


    Question 6 months ago

    Nice job!!
    Can you show how to make the connection from one to the other, and to the 220V? did it took just a domino or aditional things


    6 months ago

    A motion detector lamp under the bed is quite a good idea! Nice work!