Motion Detector Using NodeMCU

In this project, by simply using a motion sensor you can detect the presence of any human or animal. And by the platform called thingsio you can monitor the date and time at which the presence was detected.

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Step 1: Things You Need.

In this project you will need :

  1. NodeMCU (esp8266)
  2. Motion Sensor
  3. LED bulb

Step 2: Circuit Diagram and Connections.

Step 3: Code for NodeMCU

Just copy and paste the code in your Arduino ide and replace the device id with your device id and upload the code. (Watch the video for help)

Step 4: Connecting to

Go to the following link and create a new account.

1. Then click on the new project

2. Enter the project name and click on create.

3. Enter device name. ( for example motion ).

4. Click on add new property.

5. In the property name you have to write value and in the property type select boolean.

6. Then select energy parameter and in transformation select none.

7. Finally, click on the update device.

8. A new window will open here on top left corner you will find device id.

9. Copy and paste this device id to your code.

10. Upload the code.

Watch The video for full Explanation.

Step 5: Watch the Video for Full Instructions.

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