Motion Sensing Air Raid Siren With Link It ONE!




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Everybody wants to keep there unwanted guests/ thief's away from our home.

So , i have made this Home Security Project to Play a AIR Raid Siren Audio File.

(I know air raid sirens were used for nuclear Attacks but a normal buzzer or a beep would not make this project good, so i downloaded a air raid siren sound .mp3 from internet and embedded to my linkit ONE, which really sounded cool!)

A PIR + Linkit ONE + Speakers are only needed for the hardware part ...

This makes this project super clear & Easy.

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Step 1: Gather All the Parts Required

List of Materials:

1. PIR (HC-SR501)

2. Link it ONE

3. Speakers ( Any would go, which have amplifier along)

4. Jumper Wires ( Male to Female )

Step 2: Upload Code & Audio

I have Attached the Code + Air Raid Siren Audio File.

Code was made in Arduino IDE.

The Code has a 15 seconds Delay at start to stabilize the PIR.

Do not rename the raidsiren.mp3 file as the code recognizes the file by it's name only!

First, Switch the UART switch to MS and then upload the raidsiren.mp3 to the Link it ONE Memory and then plug out the cable and switch MS to UART and Upload the code with arduino IDE.

Step 3: Connecting the PIR With Link It ONE

Now, Attach the PIR as Follows:

GND -- Ground of link it ONE

OUTPUT -- 12 pin of Link it ONE

VCC -- 5v of Link it ONE

Step 4: Adjusting PIR

As many of you may know that PIR has 2 Adjustable Controls -

1. Sensitivity


2. Time of operation.

So, Here we would be Adjusting the time of Operation to 1.5min.

Sensitivity should be decided as per your needs.

And Sensor Should also be set to no reset.

Step 5: Finished


Connect the Audio jack with link it ONE.

You may have fun with this by pranks or you may set it up as a real life security system for your home.

It Depends upon you!. ;)


----Any Question?

-Comment! :)



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vilas khare

1 year ago

Sir, I am staying in Pune and interested to purchase latest PIR circuit with alarm/ or relay operated for my home security purpose so please send me detail of kit i.e. rate and detail circuit map so as to understand. My email is


3 years ago

Can i get the code of this this project .....but i want to make this project with atmega 16

2 replies