Motion Sensor Based DC Exhaust Fan Control Without Arduino

Introduction: Motion Sensor Based DC Exhaust Fan Control Without Arduino

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Hello brothers and sisters of world , I had made small project for controlling your DC exhaust fan (If you add one relay this you can control AC exhaust Fan also) .

This can be used in rest room for dry your wet hands.and also used other application.

Motion Sensor:

The Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) sensor module is used for motion detection. It is often referred to used "PIR", "Pyroelectric", "Passive Infrared" and "IR Motion" sensor. The module has an on-board pyroelectric sensor, conditioning circuitry and a dome shaped Fresnel lens. It is used to sense movement of people, animals, or other objects. They are commonly used in burglar alarms and automatically-activated lighting systems.

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Step 1: Following Components Required

1.Motion Sensor 5V = 1

2. Transistor -2N4401 (NPN) = 1

3. Resistor 1/4W/ 1K = 1

4.Zenor Diode 4.7V = 1

6.DC Power Supply (or) 12V Battery = 1

7. Bread Board = 1

8.Connecting Wires

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

As per circuit diagram you can complete the connection.

Step 3: After Connection You Can Switch on the DC Power Supply

Initially the sensor will on 5 sec , before that you can adjust the sensor time and sensitivity using motion sensor pots.Next you show your hand in front of the motion sensor, the sensor will detect the motion(Passive infrared (PIR) sensor) and immediately the exhaust fan can turns on with help of switching transistor.

Step 4: This Video for Demo Video

To watch video and give comments

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