Motion Time Lapse Pan Tilt Head

Introduction: Motion Time Lapse Pan Tilt Head

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My original intention for this project was to create my own 3 axis controller around an arduino but alas the task was far beyond my arduino programming abilities and I was fortunate enough to come across a second hand Dynamic Perception NMX controller on eBay.

So im sharing this instructable in the hope someone with Arduino programming experience could pick it up and turn it into a cheap alternative to the expensive Dynamic perception offering.

It would also be useful as an add on to my single axis time lapse rail instructable assuming you were willing to purchase the NMX controller.

as an instructable there is not much to tell you... 3D print the parts from the included files and add two motors to the pan tilt head, add the NMX controller and away you go.

you will need two nema 17 stepper motors with 19.2:1 gear boxes for increased holding torque and precision. I shortened the supplied leads to make the project neater.

i have included some time lapse video's i have created with this pan/tilt head for you to enjoy, you will find more on my YouTube channel

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    Hi Alan,
    Nice build!
    I've recently built one myself. I used an Arduino Mega with the code of the Emotimo TB3 Black. With some adjustments, I made it compatible with the hardware I used.