Moto-Garage Door Opener

Pretty simple DIY but my first instructable, did a simple garage door opener addition to my FZ-07. All I did was wire in a normally open push button in parallel to a garage door remote, nothing fancy. Started by testing the button that opens my door with a gator clip to see which pins make it actuate, then soldered some wire to it and the button. I then tucked the garage door opener under the fender and buttoned it all back up. I was going to wire it to the high beam flasher however the switch isn't an open/closed so that wouldn't work hence the addition of the button.

I'm sure there are better DIYs out there and such but this was just a spur of the moment idea I had so I figured I'd share. Let me know if you have questions, I'm sure there will be suggestions for doing things better but I'm pretty OK with how it all turned out.

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