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Introduction: Motocycles Panniers

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Hello everyone, it was time for me to share something and be able to participate in the exchange of information and knowledge. I offer you my project; In my request for information on Panniers for motorcycles i had trouble finding blueprints that could help me set up the Panniers for my Honda slr 650, so like a good Portuguese i decided to draw, using SketchUp. Make a paper model to better understand the dimensions. With 46,5Ltrs off Volume, you can build in aluminum or fiberglass. The locks system is up to you.

I unloaded 3D files to Sketchup 3D warehouse




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    These looks very nice! Have you made a physical version yet? That would be great to see if you had some photos of some completed panniers.

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    At the moment im making a mold on wood to start fiberglassing. Fotos of this work very sun, stay tune.