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Introduction: Motor Driver Module

Hi guys.

This is my first Instructable , Hope you'll like it.

In this Instructable I'm going to show you how to make a motor driver module for just $1 and few Buks. Its very easy to make ,but all you need is some basic Soldering skills. If you are expert in making PCB and designing layout for your board, then I'll highly recommend it for you , but I've found that making the design and all the steps of making PCB is really time consuming . So I've decided to make it on Veroboard and it took less then 20 minutes.

Step 1: Components

  • L293D motor Driver Ic
  • Veroboard
  • 16pin Ic base
  • 2 pin PCB Screw Connectors
  • Male Headers

Soldering Stuff

  • soldering iron
  • solder wire
  • flux
  • mask

Step 2: Make Rough Desing

If you are a beginner, just like me then i have a suggestion for you to first make a rough pin configuration diagram on a page so that you never gets confused while soldering. Then simply make rough tracks for your module, make sure no track overlap each other.

Step 3: Soldering

Wear on safety mask, Don't ever inhale the smoke coming out during soldering process,can cause cancer.

Now start soldering, First solder the base of the ic, don't solder L239D directly, use ic base so that your Ic will be saved from overheating which is generally a problem with newbies. Make tracks in veroboard while keeping your rough paper tracks design in front.

Step 4: Adding Connectors

After the completion of tracks, solder the screw connectors and the male header to make it user friendly. Finally place the Ic to its base and your module is finish.

Have Fun. Thank you for reading



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    9 Discussions

    I am new to the motor shield sar do I insert any extra library to work with it sar I want to make an obstacle avoiding robot using arduino uno ,if possible kindly give small instrutable like moving a dc motor with it sar


    2 years ago

    thanks you for this instructable ,where are you from ammar ?

    i'm a morocan ;if it's possible to control stepper motor ?

    2 replies

    The L293 D is basically an H-bridge chip, so It's possible to drive a stepper. You'll need something to supply and control the timed pulses--an Arduino or similar.

    You can drive one stepper or two DC motors with each L293D, but only small ones--the output current is limited to 600mA. There are better chips for stepper motors that can handle more current (L298N) or have more built-in control functions like PWM and direction (A4982 for example).

    easy driver is a compact product. go to eBay, it might suit your need

    Nice instructable! One suggestion: save your cutoff wire legs from resistors, LED's, etc. Then instead of laying thick solder tracks on the back of the veroboard, use the short wire pieces as tracks, with just a tiny dot of solder on each veroboard pad as needed. It also makes it easy to jump over pads or cross over tracks, just by insulating the wire legs with shrink tube.

    1 reply

    Great first Instructable, and welcome to the community! What type of motors can this driver control?

    1 reply

    You can control 2 DC motors using this module.

    I forgot to place power led;)sorry for that.

    nice instructible