Motor Pump Using 3d Printer

The water pump is a project related to the field of 3D print and Arduino program. All of this is created in a course of makerspace.

The goal of the project was first to create a water fountain with a pumpe created by using 3D printing and arduino program. The 3D print was use to create 2 objects. First a propeller to turn and to push the water out of the pump, and secondly the base of the pump where the turbine turns in. To close the pump it has a ceiling made from plexiglass. And finally to turn the propeller, there is a motor that makes it turn on it self.

The final result of the project can be utilized by turning on the motor on and it should be pumping by it self with out a constant care for the pump.

The purpose of the project can be use to make the water from a reservoir fall into another. As said earlier the pump can be used to make a fountain. It can even be use to pump water out of a place where it is flooded.

Step 1: How to Assemble the Pump

 A list of the tools needed for the realization of your project.

- sand paper

- drill

- hammer

- pliers

 A list of the material needed for the realization of your project.

- 3D propeller

- 3D base of a pump

- pexiglasse (8cm x 8cm)

- Dc Motor

- 4x bolts

- 4x nuts (radius of 4.625 mm)

- 2x bearings (radius of 6.25 mm)

- shaft (radius of 6mm)

 The files needed for the realization of the project.

- the propeller

- the base of the pump

 A list of references or hyperlinks to other people’s project that you used or other projects that inspired your project.

 If needed, a list of software with the websites where the software can be downloaded.

Every 3D object was created from this software

Step 2: Realization of the Project

Step 1

create the 3d objects:

Step 2

Print the 3d objects

Step 3

Make 4 holes in the plexiglass

step 4

Assemble everything thing

Step 5

And finally add the motor to the shaft and make it work

Step 3: Conclusion and Utilisation

 In a few written paragraphs, discuss some problems you faced and explain how you

solved or avoided these problems.

the first problem we met was that the propeler was exactly fitting in the base of the pump making it hard to turn. We simply, with sand paper, reduced the length of the propeler. Also the water coming in the pompe was not enough so we added more holes on the plexiglass so that more liquid comes in the pump. And finally the las problem we occured was that the hole of the baerings was badly printed, we then made it a bit bigger. And the baering entered perfectly.

 Describe 2 things of your project that could be improved in the future.

We could improve the efficacity of the turbine so that it can pump more efficient the water, and we could make the base of the pump with a higher capacity so that more water can be pumped and ejected.



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