Motor Control in Linkit ONE Using GSM and Bluetooth

Hi... This instructable is about how to control a motor using GSM aswell as BLuetooth and datalog its temperature and On/Off time to SD card....... I got a Linkit ONE free giveaway board... its an excellent board with inbuilt GSM,GRPS,GPS,RTC,BLUETOOTH,Wi-Fi,AUDIO,SD card slot... As the programming language is similar to Arduino its easier to code but compiling and uploading takes some time..

Step 1: Materials Required

  1. Linkit One
  2. Motor + power supply for it
  3. BC547 Transistor
  4. LM35 temperature sensor
  5. SD card
  6. Sim card
  7. 1K ohm resistor
  8. wires
  9. Smartphone

Step 2: Connections

Insert Sim card and SD card to the Linkit ONE board and connect GSM and Bluetooth Antenna
connect motor with BC547 as shown in the fig
connect the base of the transistor to PIN 8 of linkit one board
connect the lm35 output pin (pin 2) to analog pin A0

Step 3: Coding

Download the Linkit ONE code from the below link

Linkit one code

Download the bluetooth application from the below link
bluetooth application
and watch the video to see its working.........



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