Motorbike Brake Disc Clock




Introduction: Motorbike Brake Disc Clock

This is a project that I made for my dad's Christmas present and I had some fun with.
It is the perfect use of that pesky brake disk every one has laying around!

I never thought that I was going to make this in to a inscrutable, so I forgot to take a pic of the tools needed; here they are: hand drill, coping saw, spanner, panel saw, sand paper, file,

Step 1: First Measure the Timber Needed

I am by no means a engineer so I did the majority of this bit by improvising with a compass and then using a tape measure to true it up,
I used the diameter of the black circle which was 17cm across,

Step 2: Cutting to Size

First I used a panel saw to reduce it to a usable size, I then used a coping saw to cut out the circle previously grooved in, I then used a file and sand paper to smooth the edges in to a clean circle

Step 3: Attach the Disc

Before I attached the disk I oiled the wood with linseed oil.
On the disc I had there were four holes originally designed to attach the disc to the bike, these were about 10mm across, I poked a pencil through the disc to mark the holes and then used a hand drill to fit some spare bolts I had

Step 4: Fitting the Clock Mechanisam

I drilled a centre hole for the clock spindle to poke through, and then attached the nut supplied with the clock mechanism followed by the hands that slide on.



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    nicely done! definitely making one for my garage.....

    That looks really nice! My nephew is a gear head and would love that :)

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