Motorcycle Camper Trailer





Introduction: Motorcycle Camper Trailer

Motorcycle camper trailer fits in a garage and can be towed by a SUV.



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    Good design. There are motorcycle trailers or campers that you pull behind the motorcycle and there are motorcycle transport trailers to haul the motorcycle; there are toy haulers that function as both a motorcycle transport and a camper. Ergo your plans are for a SUV " Compact Toy Hauler" [even though you don't like that name distinction]. Check out some of your larger venue Harley Rallies for some vendors, you'll see the difference concerning name distinction. PS. We had some friends that converted a 1 horse trailer as a toy hauler. Alas, you'd need a pickup.

    Yo, Knight; maybe when you have something other than a trailer _floor plan_ (in a VIDEO? Wouldn't a simple JPG/GIF/PNG do for nothing but that?), you can do an instructable titled, "Combo Camper/Motorcycle Hauler for SUVs".

    -sheesh- if the "instructable" wasn't a time-waster, I had to comment..

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    Thanks Tom. I like the "combo hauler" name concept. The video thing was required for a contest Jack Daniels was running. I've done some more work on the idea and costed most of it out. Still trying to decide on some aspects of the interior finish work. Hoping to build the prototype this summer. Thanks for the comment.

    What would be better? I'm open to suggestions. Don't really like RV, Toy Hauler, etc. It's a custom trailer-camper motorcycle hauler that needs a good name. A while back I liked "Hermit Cab". LOL.

    Theinstructables title should describe what you made or want to make, like, "small self contained camper" or "small camper/toy hauler". As for naming the actual camper, I'm a firm believer in when it's done the name will be apparent, it's like naming a dog, you ponder 300 names, try out a couple and the dogs personality just screams I'm DIZZY.....

    how is it a motorcycle camper trailer if it has to be towed by an SUV? Do you mean a unicycle ?

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    It appears to be a trailer to haul a motorcycle, not to be hauled BY a motorcycle.
    It also appears to be an IDEA for an instructable , not an instructable.

    It's a trailer for transporting a motorcycle that can be used as a camper after you arrive at your destination and unload the bike. So, you can take a long trip to a national park, have the SUV for some touring, have your bike for rides in and around the park, and have a comfortable place to hang out when you're not touring.

    Interior image from Build Your Room online room designer program.