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I work with leather as a hobby, and decided that the front end of my bike needed a bag. (2) 4" leather disks, (1) 10 1/4 x 18" piece of leather, (5) straps and (4) buckles, 12 feet of paracord and some hammerset rivets  to make this. Total time spent, 5 interrupted hours.
 Made more for use than an instructable, I didn't take pictures along the way. It's pretty self-explanatory, but the most important things to do are measure to fit forks and start with the disk size.
  4" diameter is enough to hold all my tools that I need to tear apart the motorcycle to bare frame and registration information or a few sodas if I'm out on a date. A fork bag is one of the best "small item" storage things you can put on a bike. I added a handle so that I can take it off when I need to work on a bike or if my motorcycle isn't in a secure area.
 Tools: hammer, hole punch, drill, small anvil, razor knife and straight edge (i use a steel ard stick) some non permanent way to mark leather (Sharpies not a good idea unless you're using black leather)
 Materials: 3 foot square of leather (the thicker the better), 4 buckles, and a 50 pack of hammerset rivets

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7 months ago

Thank you for posting. Easy instructions.
I have been looking for the perfect roll bag to place behind my solo seat on my bike.
I will use this information adjusting for the size I want.

1 reply

Reply 7 months ago

Good luck and I'd love to see the finished result! I'll answer any questions you might have along the way.


8 years ago on Introduction

very nice my tool bag is shot after years of being on different bikes. i cant seem to find anything in shops that will fit my tool role so i can stop caring it in my saddle bags

2 replies

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

i sold my old tool bag with my bike, it served me for 8 years in the NV sun but was dying anyway. i was looking for a good bag, and though theyre only 20-50 bucks, i didnt see anything that i liked. too small or too much "bling"
i suggest taking all your tools that you NEED to carry, put them into a large plastic bag (shopping bag) and wrap them up slightly tight to figure out the size that you need for the disks. after that, measure the diameter (in my case 4") then multiply that by 7 to get the overall leather needed for the body AND straps (straps are off the sides of the body for the buckles and end for the handle) there isnt much waste. so measurements are kind of shot from the hip but this is what i used.
tools plus wiggle room x 7 for diameter, forks + (4) buckle width for width of bag.

double knot the paracord on the start AND finish points to lock it in, and pull those suckers TIGHT. leave the flap long until you have it finished, then cut off the excess for the top handle AFTER you have put the straps on.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

i haven't gotten my new organizer finished yet but im thinking something like this
i figure ill just make it out of some old jeans so i don't have to go digging for one tool, my old bag had on made of green canvas that my dad said he got a a surplus shop when he started ridding. so my biggest need is one with a wide opening.


8 years ago on Introduction

rated a 4 just because you didnt get pictures during the assembly otherwise real good, for those with any shred of common sense.