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Introduction: Motorized Fidget Spinner

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1. I am very lazy and I'm tired of spinning a fidget spinner with my hand.So I really want a motorized fidget spinner but most of the designs online are either overcomplicated and expensive to make (like turning a fidget spinner into a bldc) or they just don't work . Mine is really simple , cheap and easy to make.
2. the materials are-

- A fidget spinner

- a motor which is short in height,(mine was salvaged from a CD drive)

- hot glue or epoxy .(I recommend epoxy for permanent bondage as hot glue ain't that strong)

- a battery or power supply ( I am using a 5v psu)

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Step 1: The End Caps

-Remove the end caps.

-Take the one with the smaller hole and press fit the motor in it.

-If it fits, glue the end cap to the spinner as shown in the picture (try to get it as centered as possible or it will wobble and destroy all the fun.)

Step 2: The Motor

-Press fit the motor in the glued end cap.

-Glue the other end cap on the face of the motor as shown in the picture.(again ,try to get it as centred as possible.)

Step 3: The Bearing

-Glue a bearing on the end cap(which will move with the fidget spinner) as shown in the picture .(Once again, try to get it as centered as possible.)

Step 4: Happy Lazy Life!

-Don't forget that lazy people are the once who innovate and change others life .

-Please vote this instructable for the move it contest (if you are watching this before it ends). ,comment down below for suggestions , share this instructable, follow me on instructables and add this to your favourites if you really like it. Be lazy!

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