Motorized Solar System Storage!




Introduction: Motorized Solar System Storage!

Here is our DIY Solar System Storage Unit that is also motorized. Here is our 8 step guide so you are able to building one!

Materials Needed:
½ inch plywood (we got two slabs of 2 ½ foot by 4 ½ foot pieces of plywood) Air Dry Clay A Spinning Display Motor (has to have a weight limit of 50 or over) * (what we used) Hot glue gun and glue (or screws if that is what you prefer) Desired paint color of piece and planets Paint brush Glitter Spray Jigsaw Sand paper Battery powered closet light (

Step 1: Measuring the Circles

Measure out three circles on plywood that have a diameter of 2 feet. You can do this by using a string and a pencil and making the string a foot long and holding one end of the string on the plywood and then rotating the other end around in a circle with a marker or pencil attached to create a marking of the circle.

Step 2: Cutting the Layers

Cut out these circles that you have made using a jigsaw. Make sure after cutting them all out you stack them on top of each other to make sure they all look the same size, if one is too large, then trim it down so it is the same size as the others with the jigsaw. To make sure these are circular and won’t give you splinters, sand down the edges of the circle with sand paper.

Step 3: Measuring the Dividers

Using a protractor and a ruler, measure out four slabs on the plywood that are 5 inches in width, and 2 feet in height. These will be used to put in-between the circles you created as dividers.

Step 4: Cutting the Dividers

Using the jigsaw, cut out the measurements you made on the plywood and make sure they are all the same size when cutting them. Sand down the edges to give them an overall better finish.

Step 5: Painting the Circles and Dividers

Paint the pieces that you have cut out to either a black or dark blue color to get a sky effect for the solar system. Apply 2 to 3 coats of a paint (we used regular wall paint) for the best finished look. Optional: Spray glitter on the wood pieces to add a star effect on your solar system, this attention to detail will add a great finish to your product.

Step 6: Designing the Planets

With the air drying clay, create balls of clay that represent each planet. We did this by looking up a scale online for each planet and then estimating the shape and size of each one to the scale we wanted. Once done making the planets, take each ball and press it down on a hard surface so that there is a flat surface at the bottom so that you are able to glue it to your structure. After letting dry for about two days, paint these planets by the color of each one. The detail you go into is your choice, but make sure you can distinguish each planet from one another.

Step 7: Putting Together the Dividers

With the four pieces of wood you have, you will be making two dividers between the three circles. The way you can make the divider is by cutting one of the pieces directly in half, and then taking a quarter inch off each side. Then, you can glue on each half cut piece perpendicular to your full piece on either side, creating a shape that looks like a plus (+). Cutting the quarter inch off each half piece will compensate for the half inch that is added when gluing each side on. Repeat this process to create a second divider.

Step 8: Putting It All Together

Place one circle on the ground or surface you are working on, then add glue on one side of a divider, then place the divider on the circle so that it fits perfectly within it. Then, add glue to the top of the divider and place another circle on top of that perfectly lined up as well. Repeat with the next divider and circle to get your full lazy susan build. Let all of the pieces dry together. Then, take the planets that you have made and painted and glue them to the top layer of your structure. You can either do this in a circle around the edges of the circle, or spaced out amongst the top. Then, add the closet light to the middle of the planets if you made them in a circle for the effect of a sun. To create the motorized build, glue the bottom of your structure to the motorized display that was mentioned in the materials list, and let that dry before trying to use it. Once dry, you can turn your motor on and you then have your Motorized Solar System Storage Unit!

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