Motorized TimeLapse Rig

My DIY timelapse rig... As a DIYer I made a micoprocessor based Timelapse rig which has a linear motion and panning at the same time... fully customizable setup with 1 steps precision... time interval and speed adjustable with forward and reverse... I wrote the software running on Arduino and the hardware is almost in every DIYer's bin... You need:

- Arduino UNO

- Motor shield.. I used this one:

- 2 small stepper motors... I used the paper driver mechanisms from scrap inkjet printers...

- a tripod head (optional, you can fit something to hold the camera)

- a small trigger circuit using an optocoupler... this isolates your camera from other electronics thus protecting it..

- curtain rail and 2 steel rods to strenghten it...

- 1 mt threaded rod

- some buttons and pot for setting panel

The construction may differ for anyone who builds this. the Arduino program has explanations about parameters and these can be changed according to the steppers used...

Here is a video I made using this rig:

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