Android and IPhone5 Sun Shade & Panoramic Camera Revolving Stand. I Made in at TechShop.

Introduction: Android and IPhone5 Sun Shade & Panoramic Camera Revolving Stand. I Made in at TechShop.

      Oftentimes, we need to use our Android phones outdoor and normally the brightness is not set to highest to save power usage.  How do we mitigate this problem?
      When taking panoramic pictures, it is extremely difficult to rotate our body & camera in a perfect circle.  So most panoramic pictures taken without a revolving device are not perfect as well.  They are mosty skewed, distortion and have discontinuities.

       One remedy could be to add a sunshade that could be put on and off quickly like sunglasses.   Since we make an effort to make a bracket for the camera, why not solve the panoramic camera issue as well.

        I used Autodesk Inventor to design my Android Phone sunshade.  It took only an hour with the aid of digital caliper to make the 1st prototype. 
      The small circular stand is designed to take panoramic picture.   User simply invert the bracket as shown.   Plug the round plug (on the stand) to the round hole on the bracket.  The stand can be held with one hand and the camera can be rotated with the other hand.
       The panoramic revolving stand is built together with the sun shade bracket as shown to save build time.
       I designed my bracket so that it would take the protective jacket as well.
       I attached photos of iphon4s and iphone5 jackets for comparison.  

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