Motorola S11 HD Flex Not Charging or Red LED Flash *SOLVED* Fix

Introduction: Motorola S11 HD Flex Not Charging or Red LED Flash *SOLVED* Fix

Step 1: Take Apart Your Headphones

Remove rubbery lining from inside of the left headphone. Then unscrew screws and remove rubber moisture barrier.

Step 2: Unplug Electricity

Unplug electric connector for a few minutes. It will reset the device and it will work again. Now take everything back together in reverse order. The orange button is recommended to be removed before putting back moisture cover.



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    What part do I disconnect? I don't understand

    I did this procedure, and STILL dead headphones, even though they were working fine just recently. This has to be the 10th pair of S11's I have had. Let me tell you, when they work, they are amazing! Great fit,the best headphones you could want. Now heres the kicker, they never last more than a few months for me at most. I use them while running, and I sweat profusely when I run, so maybe thats the reason they all die on me? Regardless, I'm tired of having to buy a new pair every 3 months, too bad, I really really liked these. Gonna give skullcandy a go fyi-suppose to be waterproof.


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    Which part specifically is the wire connector? The five wire harness?

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    And I just came across this article because my S11 Flex went blooey. Fixed it in a few minutes. Thanks for posting.

    I had just thrown my pair in the trash and I then came across this article. Retrieved them from the trash and did this in less than 5 mintues. Now they are working perfectly. Thanks for the help.

    How did long did you disconnect? I did the above, but it looks like was charging for a second, then shuts off again.