Moulin Rouge Makeup Look

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This look will be perfect if you have a fancy dress party or even for Halloween coming up. :)

1. First you are going to want to apply your primer and then your favorite foundation to start of this look.

2. I then filled in my brows as I started this look off by doing the eyes as it is a colorful look.

3.I then applied a light purple to the crease of my eye and then added a more pink purple on top of this.

4. I then applied a matt black to te lid of my eye and blended this out into the crease and the outer V

5. I then went under the lower lash with the pink and then black.

6. I then went in with my concealer and applied this to my under eye chin nose and forehead and blended out with a beauty blender.

7. I the contoured my face. I applied this to my cheek bones and around my face,

8. I then applied a purple pink blusher to my cheeks. I then go back in with my foundation brush to blend in any harsh lines

9. I then applied a eye liner into my water line and mascara.

10. I then used a pink lipstick for my lips and finished this look of with my favorite eye lashes.



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