Mount Baby Monitor Camera in the Crib




Introduction: Mount Baby Monitor Camera in the Crib

Soon after you buy a video baby monitor you find yourself struggling to get the best camera view. I figured, that the best view is from above the center of the crib. Pole, which is holding the canopy turned out to be the best support for the camera mount. Since camera only has a keyhole mount, I went to Techshop (, where I made this sleek adapter for camera mount.

Step 1: Prepare Plywood Base

I started with a scrap piece of half-inch Baltic plywood. Placed the baby monitor and loosely outlined it with a pencil.

Step 2: Cut Out a Cirle With Band Saw

I used the band saw to cut out a circle using the pencil mark as as my guide. It's hard to get a perfect circle with a band saw, but don't worry, that's why we're going to use a sander in the next step.

(And of course, you're not supposed to do this with just one hand, but I'm holding the camera with my right hand for these shots).

Step 3: Use Disk Sander to Make a Smooth Circle.

I used disk sander to smooth out rough edges after the band saw and made a fair enough circle.

Step 4: Smooth Out Sharp Edges Wth a Belt Sander

Next I used belt sander to smooth out sharp corners. Belt sanders are way to aggressive for this material, so don't push too hard. And we have a nice piece of plywood, which feels so good in your hands after all this sanding.

Step 5: Pre-drill a Hole for Mouting Screw

Use ruler to find a spot, where the mounting screw should go. Pre-drill a hole for the screw, this will help prevent chipping of the wood, when you insert the screw.

Step 6: Insert the Screw

I used a sheet metal screw for this job as it has the right type of cap. I drove the screw deep enough, that it can still slide into the mounting hole on the camera.

Step 7: Measure and Pre-drill Mounting Holes for ENT Bracket

I used half-inch ENT bracket (from Home Depot) to mount it on the pole. Again, mark the points and pre-drill.

Step 8: Insert Piece of Rubber As a Liner

I used some scrap piece of rubber inside the ENT as a liner. This will ensure better grip.

Step 9: Mount the Plywood Base on the Pole

Using two flat head screws, mount the ENT bracket around the pole and attach it to the plywood base.

Step 10: Install the Camera...

Slide the camera on that mounting screw, feed the power wire to the camera and done! It's working now!

Step 11: Done!

Here is what end result looks like!

You could also paint the plywood base white to match the crib. Personally I like the way this material looks so much that I decided not to paint it.

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 11

    "...mount the ENT bracket around the pole"

    What pole?

    Marcaine Art
    Marcaine Art

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I just told my daughter (16) who knows I'm a tech geek that I put up cams through the house that I can access online even through my phone. I did no such thing and wouldn't for the purpose of watching her but it's fun to keep her guessing :-)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Prepare those kids for the surveillance state early!