Mount BionX Electric-Assist Battery on ICE Sprint RS-26

Introduction: Mount BionX Electric-Assist Battery on ICE Sprint RS-26

Learn how to mount a Bionx pedelec battery on the back of an ICE recumbent trike using this simple, lightweight, and sturdy technique.

We will use a common bicycle bottle cage mounting accessory, a piece of aluminum stock, a Cateye reflector clamp, and several bolts, washers, and nuts for a clean, elegant tension-based configuration.

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Step 1: Mount Minoura Water Bottle Cage Holder on Right Side of Recumbent Trike Seat

The Minoura water bottle cage holder part id:BH-95X is a strap-on bottlecage holder that has plenty of strength for the suspension of the battery.

There are four cross-bars that brace the seat frame. The holder should be mounted on the second bar from the top (the one the seat bracket is attached to in the middle.)

The holder needs to be on the right side (the drive-side) of the trike. This is so the charging port and the keyhole will be easily accessible from the outside on the right.

Here is a link on how to strap a Minoura bottle cage holder onto the seat frame of a recumbent trike.

Step 2: Fasten Bionx Battery Rail to the Water-bottle Cage Holder

The Bionx battery rail is made to bolt onto locations that commonly accommodate water bottle cages.

There are holes drilled in it at exactly the right spots to bolt the rail to the Minoura bottle cage holder.

Use washers to space the rail far enough away from the cage holder so that the battery's tabs will be able to slide freely. Then, run two extra-long bolts into the cageholder.

Screw on locknuts on the other side of the cage holder for added security. You do not want to rely on those threads and the bolts staying tight. Just put the lock-nuts on for peace of mind.

Step 3: Make a Stabilizer Bar to Keep Everything Solid

Use a piece of aluminum stock 0.75" wide, 0.125" thick, and 7" long as a stabilizer for the battery rail.

Drill a 6mm hole at one end of the stabilizer bar for mounting to a clamp on the next lower seat brace of the seat frame.

Then, using the battery rail as a guide, mark and drill two 5mm holes at the right spots to engage two more bolts on the battery rail.

Use washers, long bolts, and a lock-nut to fasten the rail to the stabilizer bar... just like in the last step.

On the next lower seat bar, put a plastic Cateye SP-5 reflector / accessory clamp and pin the end of the stabilizer bar between the bolted ends of clamp.

Step 4: Slide Battery Upwards Into Place and Lock It in Position

Gravity is going to want to pull the battery off and make it tumble to the ground.

Being extra careful and keeping a good grip on the battery slide it in position.

Check the clearance from the trike frame and / or components. You don't want it rubbing against anything.

Lock it down with the integrated locking mechanism and push the lock button in.

Your battery is now ready to be plugged into the Bionx motor system and the controller.

The end result might look something like this Sprint X RS-26 trike.

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